About Us

Taleho is a New Age Home Rental company powered by an intelligent property match algorithm which matches customer’s social graph profiles to Taleho’s extensive list of verified properties.

The result is a quicker and better match that is far more personalized. At Taleho, we value professional service and customers’ security and have streamlined the entire process of renting a home in order to make it safe, simple and quick.

Anyone who has ever rented a home knows how brokers pass the buck once a deal is closed and there is hardly any post-rent service. With the aim to bridge this critical gap, we launched India’s First Home Rental Warranty where we provide warranty on property maintenance and incase you vacate your house before the end of the rental tenure no questions asked.

This warranty comes with a dedicated Property Assistant with 1 year of support and a maintenance cover worth of Rs.5000 for all your Home services


What is Home Rental Warranty?

Pre Rent
  1. Dedicated Property Assistant (PA) for help in shortlisting properties
  2. Free door to door pick and drop for site visit
  3. One click 'Legal Verification Report' and Loan Approval Document*

On Rent
  1. Free Leave and License agreement registration at your doorstep .
  2. Don't pay any brokerage to fly-by-night broker.

Post Rent
  1. Up to 5K worth of coverage for home repairs throughout the rent tenure**.
  2. Online submission of Maintenance Requests and dedicated support line to ensure timely completion.
  3. Money back warranty of 1 month’s rent if you move out of the house before end of tenure.

All of this at no payment! Live in a Taleho Property.
Send WhatsApp to 8879100205 and apply to live in a Taleho Property today.

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